Writing a news article summary worksheet

Write a Simple Summary

Determine the meaning of symbols, key terms and other domain-specific words and phrases 5. The summary should contain the following elements. Also, not everyone has time to verify information anyway so whatever write-up they read online that has a good grammar, they would automatically think that it is real.

With newspapers, you can be assured that the journalists or the ones who write and edit the news stories that you are going to read in a newspaper are mostly seasoned and they did not just get on the editorial board and staff easily the way you can easily make a Facebook page, create fake news, and fool the people of your blinded and biased views.

You should generally not use phrases like "the article says" or "in the first paragraph". Introduce it in the first sentence topic sentence. Credibility is the most important value of journalists.

You are also expected to use your own words when summarizing, do not plagiarize! Like, if you are summarizing a news story about, say, a crime, and the story starts by introducing the victim, then describing the crime itself, then discussing the police investigation, your summary should also begin by introducing the victim, then describing the crime itself, then discussing the police investigation.

Restate the main areas of importance in the magazine article. An educated person reads throughout an entire lifetime. Of course how much you have to cut things down depends on the length of the original article and the target length of your summary.

Analyze the structure of the relationships among concepts in a text 6. Additionally it allows you to determine what they are most interested in.

Science and Literacy

However, with newspapers, you can be assured that the information you have read had its accuracy checked and verified and that it did not just come from any sources. If no author is given, writing a news article summary worksheet the title of the article: The first major area in which women have become a powerful force is politics.

Cite specific evidence to support an analysis 2. Ideas examine topic from new perspective that contributes to group understanding of topic Message Coherence: Also, since everyone does not have the time to verify the information they have read, they do not have to make an in-depth checking and verification of the information that is mentioned in the newspapers.

The article author further states that Explain why you would or would not recommend it to the other members of your class.

Credibility is one of the main drives of journalists to continue checks and balances and the verification of the accuracy of the information that they have obtained from their source despite the fact that they have a lot of deadlines to beat. Discussion Guidelines Meaningful and New Ideas: With more advanced classes, you can encourage your students to read English newspapers outside of class and even submit ones that they think are interesting for you to consider using as part of a lesson.

This gives everyone the assurance that the news they read in newspapers is not just made-up. Articles should be from a respectable source such as: Use discourse markers that reflect the organization and controlling idea of the original, for example cause-effect, comparison-contrast, classification, process, chronological order, persuasive argument, etc.

There are a lot of people who get easily fooled with a lot of fake news that you can easily can find on Facebook pages and on blogs because most of them are constructed in really good grammar however, there is still some fake news that has glaring bad grammar and would not even check and verify the made-up information written in it.

All summaries should not exceed a page in length. There are two methods of submission for reviewing at article, consult your instructor on specific details for your assignment. While the standards do not specifically address the science content of your curriculum, you should be prepared to adjust how you present information in a way that promotes reading and text analysis.

Some people who write summaries try to re-use the original words of the article whenever they can. Follow a multistep procedure when carrying out experiments or performing tasks 4.

Give explanations for each supporting point, summarizing the information from the original. Explain why this subject is important, and how it relates to our unit of study.Article Summary Worksheet Directions: Complete one Article Summary Worksheet for each article mint-body.comer to staple a copy of the article to the back of the worksheet.

Use the copy to highlight, underline, and make notes as you read. Article of the Week – each week, students read a related article, annotate article, discuss and submit a reflection summary (inspired by Kelly Gallagher) Article Analysis – simple graphic organizer for reading and evaluating news articles, can.

Science Article Summary. Science News Sources. Science News Online Science Daily New York Times - Science Writing style (1 point). This is a college level course, and you are expected to write using appropriate grammar, sentence structure and formatting. You will lose a point if you fail to attach or link a copy of the article to your.

If you are into news writing and would like to practice this skill or if you would want to make a newspaper analysis, you can make use of the worksheets we have provided here in this article for you to easily downloaded. Summary and Main Idea Worksheet 2 – My students loved reading these four nonfiction passages about ninjas and I hope yours do too.

This worksheet will give students practice identifying main ideas and writing summaries. Quiz & Worksheet - How to Write a News Article Quiz; Lesson Summary. To review, writing a newspaper article is different from other forms of print.

How to Write a Newspaper Article Related.

Writing a news article summary worksheet
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