Should teachers strike

But several hours a week. Billy, UK I feel a bit like Popeye We desperately need to attract high calibre people to the teaching profession; to reward people for working in perhaps the most valuable service in our country; and to turn around the demoralisation that teachers face.

Should teachers be allowed to strike?

It will only make matters worse. Those teachers which perform well should be rewarded with something like free holiday trips, rehabilitation, travel to seminars and symposiums etc. Now, teacher-training institutions are apparently to set tougher entrance requirements to ensure that trainee teachers have mastered basic literacy and numeracy.

I know that most teachers do a reasonable to pretty good job; some do an outstanding job and a few are utterly abysmal. Many teachers are angry their pay could be affected by the test results of children as young as seven. Nick Pontone, UK The chronically sad feature of this debate is that is has been boiled down to the point of taking sides over whether teachers should strike.

Let them do it. Alan Stickle Life is full of competition with rewards coming to those who excel.

NUT strike: why are teachers striking?

My mum was always doing school work at home in order to prepare classes for the coming days as did my Dad at weekends. Point being, my interest was not peaked by my teacher, though it was Should teachers strike other teachers in the other subjects. Now this is about to change. I strongly suspect that if there was no state education sector and all teachers worked in truly "real world" type free market they would indeed be subjected to the same forces of PRP that exist for others.

Craig, England Many people here have asked teachers to leave their jobs and try the real world out. I confess that I do not know the answer to any of these questions.

I know of teachers who already, to put it bluntly, cheat - mainly in coursework. Jimmy Sykes, Brazil Those who complain about the teachers striking should consider how many days schooling have been lost through broken down heating, unfit buildings and general lack of resources that are the result of the gross under-funding of our education system.

Tony Woods, UK Performance-related pay will come - under this government or the next.

Teachers' strike: They should never go on strike

I hope all the people who claim to live there themselves also send their children to school there and pay "real world" rates for it. Finally, the amount of work and pressure placed on children is stripping them of their childhood. Yes, the "de-regulation of teacher terms and conditions".

I think that to introduce performance related pay for teachers anywhere would be a grave mistake. Tom Barry, UK How dare the government pit teacher against teacher like this?

They are adults after all, and certainly well educated. Additionally, there are significant efforts, including one spearheaded by former Sen.

More content below this sponsor message Many parents, teachers, and politicians in Chicago recall a time when teacher strikes seemed like a regular part of budget and contract negotiations. Oliver Richardson, United Kingdom The real losers in this are the less able children. But there is a lot more assessment and paperwork documenting results and progress.

Teachers explain why they are on strike: 'If it's bad for us, it's definitely bad for the kids'

Last week, Sir Terry Leahy, the former chief executive of Tesco, became the latest in a string of industrialists and business leaders who have warned that poor standards in schools and universities leave young people ill-prepared for work.

I say the teachers should go on strike for a week and let the government and parents have a go at it and see how well they do But this nine-day disruption, regardless of how it is painted by union leadership, looks more like a miscalculation than anything. Simon, UK It is important that teachers are awarded for good performance.

The more you "turn over" the more you get paid? Well, I work in industry and get 25 days leave a year which I rarely have time to take completely. And this is not for the benefit of the children.Teachers should never go on strike, because their profession is too essential to society.

When professional athletes strike, it is an inconvenience to the fans of the sport. When airline pilots strike, it is a nuisance for travelers to switch airlines.

On Tuesday members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are walking out in what it is be the union's first national day of action since Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of action in.

Feb 28,  · Watch video · Allhands: If Arizona teachers strike, here's how they should do it. Should Arizona teachers strike for better pay.

Oklahoma teachers end strike after legislature refuses to provide further funding

As a teachers’ strike in Vermont marched through its second day, an old debate reignited about whether such strikes should be legal.

Roughly. An Illinois House subcommittee is expected to hold public hearings this week. They’re looking at how to limit the ability of teachers' unions to. The teachers “walkout” or strike in West Virginia has been in the news for the last two weeks.

The teachers and the state just settled the dispute with a 5% increase in pay and a promise to look at steeply rising health care costs in the wake of Obamacare.

Should teachers strike
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