Product mix expansion

Improvement or alteration can be more profitable and less risky compared to completely a new product. Did we miss something?

Four Product Expansion Strategies

Depth The depth of the product mix refers to the total number of products within a product line. If your hunch is right, a second market for your product opens on the spot. Consumers can buy the high status products of famous company Product mix expansion a low price.

Export Your Product A saturated domestic market calls for an assessment of overseas expansions.

What is Product Mix? Explanation with Examples

We are now selling Spatini at prices lower than those found on eBay. Some models or varieties, which are not profitable, are eliminated.

These constitute the width of the product mix. Discuss the factors influencing product mix? The new product is intended to strengthen the prestige and goodwill of the company. In most spontaneous chemical reactions some amount of heat is produced.

Top 8 Alternative Product Mix Strategies

Colgate has different variants under the same product line like Colgate advanced, Colgate active salt, Product mix expansion. These different product brands are also known as product lines. The product mix is the number of varieties of product that acompany sells. Tell us what you think of this article in the comments section.

Less the variation among products more is the consistency. A fifth strategy at the end of the article may be worth considering too. What is Product Mix? This product mix strategy concerns with finding and communicating new uses of products. Expansion of Product Mix: The increase in the volume of matter with increasing temperature.

The objective is to eliminate low-profit products and to get more profit from fewer products. Product Mix vs Product Line A product mix is the group of everything a company sells.

The product mix has the following dimensions Width The width of the mix refers to the number of product lines the company has to offer.When a product becomes so trendy and popular competitors steal it and manufacturers can't keep up with demand, expanding the product's reach, scope and audience makes economic sense.

There's no. Product mix expansion is increasing the increasing the depth within the product l line. Major Types of Product Mix Strategies 1) Expansion Strategy: A firm may decide to expand its present mix by increase the number of lines or the depth within the lines.

Now lines may be related or unrelated to the present products. The product market expansion grid is used for planning by a company when the company is looking to increase the sale of its products either by expanding product range or entering new markets.

Marketing mix of brands. One form of product-mix expansion in which a company adds a similar item to an existing product line with the same brand name. Mix extension One form of product-mix expansion in which a company adds a new product line to its present assortment.

The major alternative product mix strategies (given by William Stanton and others) have been discussed briefly as under: 1. Expansion of Product Mix: Expansion of product mix implies increasing the number of product lines.

New lines may be related or unrelated to the present products. For example.

Product mix expansion
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