Presumption of innocence 2 essay

Nonetheless, in the obiter the majority of the House held the reverse legal burden of s. This may be said to be the case here as the accused relying on a special exceptional defence should bear the burden of proving such exception exists Presumption of innocence 2 essay the court.

When weighing up these two competing interests, several factors could be considered. The jurors for this case wanted more evidence against her that they did not receive from the prosecution, in which is the reasoning behind finding her not guilty.

Nonetheless, he reiterated in Brown v Scott that substantial respect should be paid by the courts to the considered decisions of democratic assemblies and governments.

He was found in possession of a bag which contained the substance, and his defence, under s. On analysis, it seems that the willingness of the court to read down the reverse burden provisions as detailed in the foregoing may be related to the seriousness of murder charges and its consequent life imprisonment on guilty verdict.

While accepting that s.

Presumption Of Innocence Essay

It is arguable that this makes life a little bit easier for the defendant relying on such specific defence. The HRA coming into force has compelled the senior courts in the UK to subject some areas of law of Evidence to a more rigorous re-examination. The test of proportionality requires courts to consider whether there was a necessity to impose a legal burden on the accused.

In fact many belief that outside of murder cases; there is no universal rule governing reverse burdens as the courts do not always read down such provisions as each case seem to be analysed in Presumption of innocence 2 essay [18].

That the defendant was suffering from an abnormality of the mind at the time of the crime. However in Makuwa the Court of Appeal upheld a reverse onus under s.

It would seem that maximum penalties are a very uncertain guide as to whether a reverse onus will be held to be proportionate to the legitimate aim of the offence in question.

It ought to be the case that the more serious the offence the more compelling should be the justification for a reverse onus, but application of such a principle has been patchy to say the least.

Classification of Offences In Sheldrake, Jack J referred to the recognised distinction between truly criminal offences and those which Presumption of innocence 2 essay regulatory and suggested that it is easier to justify an interference with the presumption of innocence the lower in the scale the offences is.

Domestic courts that have to decide on justifiability of reverse onuses will generally be doing so before then trial when rulings on the burden of proof have to be made.

These 3 cases were deemed to be compatible of the guideline. It is a settled doctrine in civil law that he that asserts must prove. In Attorney-General for Hong Kong v Lee Kwong-kut Lord Woolf remarked that if the prosecution retained responsibility for proving the essential ingredient of the offence, the less likely it is that an exception will be regarded as unacceptable.

Again that is my personal opinion but some people think she is definitely innocent. ECtHR jurisprudence has shown that article 6 2 is not an absolute or unqualified right for defendants. However, House of Lords also made it clear that not all legal burdens were placed on a defendant in criminal trial violated the ECHR or Art6 2 in particular.

The effect of the section is that where the conduct of the accused creates an offence but in circumstances where the statute creates a defence in respect of an exception, exemption, proviso, excuse or qualification, the burden of proving of the defence will be placed on the accused.

Thus judges have read down the section of CJA that created the reverse burden as merely imposing an evidential burden and only in the circumstance of a defendant arguing an exception of diminished responsibility.

Article 6 2 of ECHR relates only to criminal trials unlike Article 6 1 that relates to both criminal and civil casesso my analysis will focus on Article 6 2 only. Some legal systems today have employed de jure presumptions of guilt, such as at an order to show cause criminal proceeding.

The utilitarian argument that all evidence should be admitted or included unless there are serious reasons not to do so as canvassed by experts like Bentham has influenced the English legal landscape.

In fact, the ECtHR have also agreed that interference with presumption of innocence must be justifiable, proportionate and within reasonable limits as held in Salabiaku v France 13 EHRR Salient areas of criminal evidence impacted include; the privilege against self-incrimination, pre-trial silence as evidence, entrapment evidence, reverse burden provisions and sexual history evidence just to mention a few.

It should always be remembered that the importance of Art6 2 should always prevail. Ian Dennis stressed that a strong principle of deference would seem to be inappropriate, if there is no evidence that the Parliament gave thought to the presumption of innocence when it enacted the reverse onus.

There is really no way in being innocent when you are caught for these crimes. There was so much evidence proving her guilt but a jury found her not guilty due to lack of hard evidence. The courts have determined [11] that these requirements of the CJA do not contravene Article 6 2 of ECHR as incorporated into the HRA; which requires that the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Construction of criminal liability: Once the defence becomes a live issue, the prosecution must again prove beyond reasonable doubt that facts dictate otherwise before the jury can convict.In doctrine it is shown that by the form given to the presumption of innocence in article 23 of the Constitution and the similar provisions in article 6 paragraph 2 of the European Convention and article 52 of the Criminal Procedure Code there is at least one contradiction regarding the moment up until to which the presumption functions.

Essay on The Age of Innocence and Yellow Roses. 3. What does the title The Age of Innocence symbolize?

Flowers are important symbols in Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence. Many Victorian families had a book on the "language of flowers" in their home, or even a flower dictionary. Below is an essay on "Presumption of Innocence" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Presumption of innocence is a form of protection for an individual accused of a crime/5(1). 1. Define presumption of innocence. What is the importance of the presumption of innocence as it relates to criminal liability?

2. What are strict liability crimes? Provide at least one example. What are some of the arguments for and against such crimes? Do you think there should or should not be strict liability crimes? Explain Continue reading "presumption of innocence".

Burden of Proof: Presumption of Innocence, Responsibility and Standard for Burden of Proof Words Jan 11th, 2 Pages As a result, many legal systems have designed a broad range of processes for gathering evidence and presenting it to respective individuals to resolve the disputes or cases.

Presumption of Innocence Essay

Running Head: THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE OF THE DEFENDANT. Name: College: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Presumption of innocence is awarded to the defendant in any court proceedings, as stated in the due process clause of the fifth and fourteenth Amendment.

The principle dictates that each and every person is assumed .

Presumption of innocence 2 essay
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