Position paper pro gay marriage

It is time to drop the partisan and exclusive nature of the anti-Gay marriage group and include Gay people into the rights of legal marriage.

Bilodeau eloquently makes this point: Homosexuals also have more mental health problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, Nicotine dependence, depression, and suicide. They provide the strength that has brought us through wars, depressions, terrorism, and other challenges throughout the history of our country.

College Media Network, 17 Mar. We must move the debate beyond terminology and focus on the issue of why Gays deserve equal access to all rights, specifically the right to marry.

Flames have been enhanced to make them appear as though they actually exist. Americans in many states, outraged by this clear flouting of the laws of God and the intentions of our Founding Fathers, have made their sentiments clear in the past, voting to outlaw same-sex marriage either through amendments to their state constitutions or by enacting laws.

The first advantage of civil-union status over marriage is that it is wholly secular.

Gay Marriage Position Paper

This is a clear example of one of the biggest obstacles facing the Gay population of America today. It is simply breathtaking how rapidly a group that has remained—along with ax murderers, rapists, environmentalists and Arabs—at the far fringes of American society for centuries has rewritten social norms so that homosexuality is no longer portrayed as unnatural, but as normal, its permanent integration into American culture and institutions inevitable.

Marriage is the most sacred institution in this country, and every society considers it the joining of a man and a woman.

Kowalski to a nursing home miles away from Ms. Research 3 has shown that gays and lesbians dislike freedom, democracy, the U. In another argument, Gay marriage opponents argue that marriage is for the benefit of procreation, and that it is simply a biological argument.

Marriage triggers a universe of rights, privileges and presumptions. With this brash and reckless legitimization of behavior that—similar to such unforgivable sins as blasphemy, disrespecting your parents, or gluttony—has for centuries been forced into the deviant fringes of society, we are inviting the legalization of similarly repulsive acts, including bestiality, pedophilia, polygamy, and interracial dating.

That gay marriage is a manifestation of pure evil is not debatable. Rivera, Ray, and Christine Stuart. Thompson and forbade all visits between the two women. Children retain their knowledge of the expectations of gender roles from what society has taught them. In the elections, there were several initiatives in different States; the most notable being Proposition 8 in California.

If laws allowing Gay marriage were to be passed they would make the world a better place for Gay people as well as the straight community. Karen Thompson and Sharon Kowalski are spouses in every respect except the legal. Heterosexual marriages would go on as normal and Gay marriage will not lead to an increase in the dissolution of Heterosexual marriages.

The liberal political establishment, blind, deaf, and dumb to this clear reinforcement of American values, has pushed forward with this ill-advised advocacy campaign, and they must be stopped.

A Weak Argument The argument that straight marriages would suffer due to legalizing Gay marriage is weak. Many of the people, who argue against Gay marriage, do it solely on a religious basis.

These views are sanctioned by many religions along with the majority of the right-wing party of America. Civil Union proponents who oppose the use of the word marriage argue as Scott suggests in her book: Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, 3 Feb.

It is unclear if this would actually happen; or if these people are just really trying to exclude an entire group of people based on prejudices and hatred. Introducing another, less stable type of family would only make matters worse.In reference to the position supporting gay marriage, the discussion will focus on; discrimination and equality and respect on individual’s rights.

marriage has changed.

Marriage, once a strong bond between man and wife, is now simply a flimsy piece of paper that has no strength to keep them together. [tags: Homosexualism, Marriage. Position Paper: Should Gay Marriage be Legalized?

In America, marriage has been traditionally defined as a legally recognized commitment between a man and a woman as their ultimate expression of love. Position Paper-Gay Marriage. Words Sep 7th, 6 Pages. Show More. Marriage. When most people think of an ideal “marriage”, a man and a woman sharing vows and devoting their lives to each other is what is pictured.

Well, this is only percent true in most cases. Today’s society has accumulated different types of. 1 Position Paper on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage By Michael R. Jones Homosexuality has indeed moved out of the closet and into the mainstream.

Aug 01,  · Introduction Many people are against Gay marriage, while, at the same time, in support of civil unions (Dudley). Gay Marriage – Position Paper August 1, Filed under: ENGL — kylefoote @ pm.

while also giving the pro-family people a way out of feeling that they are being overtaken by Gay and liberal. In presenting a case for same-sex marriage, this paper also will present a case for reshaping marriage itself by decoupling the position of the Center for Inquiry is that if the state recognizes and The movement towards same-sex marriage grew out of gay .

Position paper pro gay marriage
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