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In this respect, it is necessary to remind that one of its major competitors was Reebok which currently has a merchandising contract with the National Football League and the National Hockey League in the US.

As a result, the company has managed to minimize costs of production and not only sustain but double and the last year even triple revenues compared to the In this respect, it should be said that Nike targeted at the mass audience creating a very prestigious brand which could be available to average people making them closer to their favorite sportsmen whom many customers simply imitated and bought Nike.

Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost. Among the most important factors may be named the use of the popularity of famous sportsmen who signed contracts with Nike to promote its products. Paradoxically, but the dominance and the lack of competition was probably one of the major reasons for the failure of Nike at this point.

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They are not paying them for their overtime. The company is based on Beaverton, Oregon where it was initially founded on the basis of its predecessor Blue Ribbon Sports in late s. Big name sport teams advertise Nike to appeal to the common person.

Consequently, it is quite natural that Nike heavily accounting on overseas sales for revenues growth. Because of this investigation, Nike went ahead and introduced water based chemicals, which reduced the level of toxic chemicals.

Basically, the company has already gained international acclaim and was popular in many countries of the world but the production of athletic shoes and sports equipment in its traditional regions, including the USA, Europe, and Japan became less and less profitable. The Nike workers also have to go through the workday in unhealthy work conditions.

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Hot Air Retrieved March 18 from http: I realize that advertisement is essential to the success of a product, but it should not be at the cost of another human being to make a profit. I know that Nike is just one of thousands of companies that have taken their labor overseas, so that the product can be made at a fraction of its cost.

However, there were also certain drawbacks such as inability to fully use initially dominant position and appearance of competitors such as Reebok and Adidas. The average farmer makes about a dollar a day, where the average factory worker makes about two dollars a day.

This depended on the seasonal orders that the workers were obligated to fill.

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It should be pointed out that during the first decade of its existence the company has managed to attract leading sportsmen in its advertising campaign. In such a way, the company attempted to create the image of its products as if these were products destined to the best sportsmen but accessible to average people, even though they are far from sport or sport achievements.

However, this company was purchased by Adidas in and, at the present moment, it is Adidas that is the main competitor of Nike in international markets as well as in the US.

In conclusion, it seems that Nike is making a huge profit at the cost of human live and dignity. Obviously, this strategy provides the company to enter new markets and strengthen its position in traditional ones. Obviously, the progress made by the company in s-early s is really impressive, especially, in the situation of a serious competition.

The top worker was working 84 hours a week. It is obvious that the qualification of workers in Europe, the US and Japan was substantially higher than in other Asian countries where nowadays the manufacturing of Nike products is concentrated, including Taiwan, China, Indonesia and some others.

Finally, the promotion and advertising campaign was not always so successful as it probably seems to be. Summary and Evaluation Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the development of Nike was traditionally focused on the expansion in new markets and in the late s this trend became dominant and led to the shift of the production to Asian countries.

Furthermore, the advertising campaign was not always successful and sometimes led to conflicts with local authorities as it was in the case of China.

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Eliud Kipchoge crossing the finish line.

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Nike finish line shoes essay
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