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MS Degree Program

The Department offers a non-thesis program for the master of science MS degree in Electrical Engineering. The Graduate College bulletin sets forth certain minimum grade standards for retention: The degree earned through the online program is the same degree awarded on campus. The initiative for proposing a Plan of Study lies with the student.

Requests take approximately one month to complete. Effective fallRIT converted its academic calendar from quarters to semesters.

The Msee thesis should abide by the IEEE plagiarism policy. The Supervisory Committee announcement to the student of the result of the Final Examination and Defense.

Special requirements of the several areas of CEE are summarized in Appendix 2. Must be Graduate approved courses. Graduate Seminar Requirement All full-time MS degree candidates are required to enroll in the graduate seminar, EELfor each Msee thesis that they are enrolled in the graduate program.

Students in the MSEE, Thesis Option, degree program are required to take courses in at least two areas of ECEN at the level designated by the second digit of course number or above.

The completed thesis must be presented to the Graduate School; a project write-up is not filed with the Graduate School. The student will have two weeks to develop written responses to the questions in preparation of the oral exam. Briefly, accredited BSEE degrees generally require 24 quarter hours of calculus and advanced mathematics, 24 quarter hours of basic sciences which must include both physics and chemistry, 54 quarter hours of engineering science and design of which at least 54 quarter hours must be in electrical engineering, and 24 quarter hours of studies in the humanities.

Hold a baccalaureate degree or equivalent from an accredited university or college in engineering or a related field. Students admitted conditionally should enroll in the necessary undergraduate prerequisite courses as a first priority.

The thesis must be the work of a single author. Degree Nomination and Award: Acceptance of a signed thesis by the Office of the Dean of Instruction is also required.

Please complete the Alumni Information Form. Students that would like to transfer to our program to get an MS degree from another PhD program would need to be in our program a minimum of one semester.

Electrical Engineering MS degree

For information on the conduct code, including sections on academic misconduct, visit Student Affairs Student Conduct. The UW requires that students be registered for credits during the quarter they are graduating.

Please complete all steps outlined on the Graduate School website for final submission of your electronic thesis. With the consultation of the adviser, the student will submit a research review report to the examination committee. The Advising Office will then confirm the graduation to the Graduate School by the last day of the quarter.

The thesis represents the results of independent research performed under close supervision of a faculty advisor. The student must make arrangements with the adviser to schedule a five-week time period for the examination.

UW EE offers the opportunity to design their own specialization for students pursuing the coursework option. The Curriculum officer then signs the checklist and collects the form. Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Technologies: Students wishing MSCE programs that cannot be accomplished in any of the ten areas of specialization may submit their proposed plan of study directly to the Graduate Affairs Committee for approval.Thesis & Dissertation Information.

Thesis and dissertation documents must be written in the format approved by your committee and committee chair.

Thesis Process

The Library no longer does mechanical checks. All students in the non-thesis MS degree program must register for and successfully pass the Master's Comprehensive Exam, EEL The students must apply to take the examination in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering office by the end of the prior semester.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers coursework and thesis supervision leading to the degree Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE).

Courses at the graduate level are ordinarily taught at a.m. or after p.m.

Master’s & Ph.D.

to enable students from local industry to continue their studies. The completion of the MSEE degree is normally accomplished in one to three. MSEE Degree: Thesis Option This document outlines the degree requirements for obtaining a MSEE using the thesis option.

Please note that is important also to read the MSEE Degree Requirements and Procedures site for a full list of procedures for completing the degree. The ECE department offers master’s of science and master’s of engineering degree programs. Skip Menu. Skip to Login; Skip to Main Navigation; Skip to Search; Skip to Left Navigation; The thesis represents the results of independent research performed under close supervision of a faculty advisor.

MSEE. In order to ensure that the. MSEE students must complete a total of 42 credits. Students have the option of choosing a coursework or thesis option of study. The coursework option is typically selected by students who want to work in industry while the thesis option, which involves more in-depth research, is designed for students who may consider pursuing a Ph.D.

Msee thesis
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