How to write an article in english fce test

Have you ever …….? Articles must always have a title. Instructions of an Article for the FCE Writing Paper It is extremely important to read the instructions carefully, as you are supposed to obtain all the information you need to write the article.

But do you know what makes an article different from other types of writing? Here are two endings I could use for this article: Write in a semi-informal, conversational style.

Purpose of an article: Often, the best endings link back to the starting point in some way. What sentence style have I used that makes it semi-informal and speak directly to the reader?

Where our article will be published: How did I get your attention? However, the most common case is that we must write a text in an informal or colloquial style.

Any article for FCE is usually a very personal piece of writing, so you can speak in the first person as much as you like. Think what your subheadings might be and then write a short introduction that lets the reader know what to expect.

What do you think about …….? Can you see how they did it? This is not an essay! In general, an article is more informal than an essay, although it will depend on where it is supposed to be published an international magazine, a teenage magazine, a college magazine, an online blog, a newspaper, etc.

For some reason, people like reading lists!

How to Write an Article for FCE Writing [+pdf]

Everything you write must speak to that reader and engage their interest right from the first sentence. Remember how bored the examiner must be after reading fifty exam papers.

An article is almost exclusively about giving your opinion, so feel free to do so throught the whole piece of writing. The planning stage is vital for this. The aim of an article is usually to talk about a topic that we like or that we are familiar with.

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Will the future bring us …. Common mistakes students make in articles The language is too formal and more suited to essays. For example, the students at a school, or the people living in a town or people who are interested in sports.

In this case we can see the following: Look at your internet browsing history from the last day. If possible, this must be catchy and witty so as to engage the reader.

And make sure there is organisation to your ideas. Look at the heading and the first line of this article. Look back at this paragraph.The Writing paper has two parts.

Part 1 has one compulsory question and involves writing an essay. In Part 2, candidates are given three options and are asked to write one of the following using between and words: an article, email/letter, report, or review. Blog; Feedback/About; Blog.

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Looking for more practice for the Cambridge English: First (FCE) listening test? Come and watch my video, check your answers and read the explanations. Apr 14, This article will help you write great essays in the FCE writing exam.

Mar 19, Mar 19, FCE Writing Test Tips 1. Introduction.

How to write an article for New FCE exam

You have 80 minutes to write two texts. The first text will always be an essay and should be words second text can be an article, informal email or letter, a formal email or letter, a report, or a.

How to Write an Article for FCE Writing Part 2. An article is a very common type of text nowadays. We can find all kinds of articles in newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.

Writing (FCE/CAE) FCE - article; FCE - article AN ARTICLE is usually written for an English-language magazine or newsletter, and the reader is assumed to have similar interests to the writer.

The main purpose is to inform, interest and engage the reader, Write us an article answering these questions. Free Practice Tests for learners of English.

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Advertisements. Cambridge English: First (FCE) Writing. Difficulty level: B2 /Upper Intermediate. What is the First (FCE) Writing test like? The test has two sections and takes about 80 minutes: Read this explanation of how to write an article for FCE Writing part 2.


How to write an article in english fce test
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