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Nominees are evaluated on demonstrated potential for and commitment to a career in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering and outstanding academic performance. How to Apply To apply, you will complete the Goldwater online application. Essay Instructions Your essay should discuss a significant issue or problem in your field of study that is of particular interest to you.

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Sophomore nominees can expect to receive a maximum of two years of support. Have three recommenders submit draft letters of recommendation to the Office of Student Fellowships and Research.

The Goldwater Scholarship

An independent review committee appointed by the Foundation will evaluate all valid nominations and recommend the most outstanding nominees from each state for consideration by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

If your essay involves research in which you are or were involved, please indicate if you are or were the sole researcher or if you collaborated with another individual.

Students will use the Goldwater Application portal to enter in basic academic information, and this informs us that they are applying. In answering these questions—especially the question inviting comments on diversity—it is important to be genuine and sound natural in your examples.

Goldwater– Hints and Sample Essays

First, students pre-apply on the Goldwater Scholarship website, and the pre-applications are screened for eligibility by the campus representative. See the Goldwater website for detailed definitions of "sophomore" and "junior. In preparing your essay and application answers, you should not hesitate to seek help from your main research advisor or a faculty member well versed in the area of science that you would like to pursue.

The activities of the U. The applicant can apply to up to three of these opportunities. The IC Goldwater Review Committee will consider the pre-applications and determine who is eligible, based on the Goldwater Scholarship standards, to move forward in the application process.

Materials for the Final Application. Scholars may opt to study abroad, but their Goldwater funding will be based on their U. Essay Students who are successful at the pre-application stage will be asked to submit a Research Essay as part of the formal application. Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a soldier and statesman, including 30 years of service in the U.

You will be asked in the pre-application for a list of people who might write you letters of recommendation. Letters of Recommendation Students must list the names and contact information for three potential referees letter writers in the pre-application.

Single or double column format may be used. Students are responsible for uploading the Research Essay.Goldwater– Hints and Sample Essays Previous Research proposal should not offer an annotated resume or repeat the information provided elsewhere in the application.

Rather, it is an opportunity to discuss growth and maturation through research. Essay(s) The Nominee's Essays discuss long-term professional aspirations and how current studies and researches support these goals. Also address factors attracting the student to research in the sciences, and detail specific research endeavors.

Congress established the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program.

Applicants must be full-time sophomores or juniors during ; be planning a research career in science, mathematics, or engineering; have at least a GPA; and be a US citizen, resident alien, or US national. Essay Letters of Recommendation The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program website.

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Contact. School of Humanities and Sciences School of Humanities and Sciences / Student Awards, based on the Goldwater Scholarship standards, to move forward in the application process.

The full application includes the research essay, letters of support from faculty, as well as the answers to additional application questions. Goldwater Scholarship; Goldwater Essay Tips; Goldwater Essay Tips. As each element of the application is being developed, keep in mind that the Foundation’s reviewers will be evaluating the likelihood that a student will pursue a career and become a research leader in one of the supported fields.

Writing your research proposal for. The Goldwater Scholarship (honoring Senator Barry M.

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Goldwater) awards sophomore and junior students up to a maximum of $ annually for tuition, books, fees, and room and board. While still emphasizing science and research, past applicants have shared information about a childhood or other formative experience, the desire to become a.

Goldwater scholarship research essay
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