Fin 419 assignments from the readings

Race and Criminal Justice This course will examine the systemic racial injustices inherent in American criminal jurisprudence from police interaction to trial and sentencing, incarceration, and supervised release. A historical survey of rhetorical artifacts focusing on how interested parties use discourse to establish, maintain or revive power.

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Students will complete a theoretical or applied project in their declared area of specialization and will include the product itself, appropriate documentation, and a reflective essay.

The impact of television, film, music, advertising and other media on our economic, political and social systems. These include audience analysis, information transfer, persuasion,and associated ethical considerations. We will examine the role of religion in the founding of the American republic, and in contemporary political movements such as Black Lives Matter, the Federation for Immigration Reform, 21st century civil rights organizations with concerns ranging from prison reform to the environment, and the U.

Mold-making techniques are introduced with further casting in a variety of materials. We focus on both neighborhoods and sacred spaces themselves, including the architectural forms of these spaces. Disney, Music, and Culture is an introduction to the history and content of the Disney Corporation, the films and soundtracks, and a critical look at them through the lenses of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and disability, among others.

BULA BUSINESS LAW II 3 A detailed study of the law of bailments, public carriers, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, real property, personal property, landlord and tenant rights and obligations, real estate mortgages, wills and estate of descendants, trusts, insurance, suretyship, guaranty, bankruptcy and labor law.

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Students will learn about and practice military overhead maneuvers, arrivals and departures from uncontrolled airports, below Basic VFR minima operations, IFR operations, nighttime operations, in-flight and ground emergencies, bomb threat procedures, and special operations runway incursions, hot cargo, and hijacking procedures.

The course takes a critical look at the current system of criminal justice and critically examines the alternatives that restorative justice offers. The topic of study appears under that name in the class schedule. Students lean to examine complex issues in organizational changes including implementation challenge; risks, costs, and benefits; learning and knowledge management.

Covers analysis and use of the above data in the decision-making process relating to the control of the business firm and the application of ethics. Students learn both game design theory and best practices to build an understanding of how gameplay is constructed and shaped.

Use of the figure, still-life and landscape as initial references. Students will become familiar with the basics of web analytics and social media metrics as tools for crafting effective messages and digital media for campaigns.

An Air Traffic lab is required. This course will be divided into four sections overview, detect, identify and defeatto cover all current and future lines of effort in a unified approach to counter UAS. With the sometimes conflicting commitments to principles and pragmatism as a focus, the course will investigate topics such as 1 early debates over American political institutions: Congress A glance at the enumerated powers granted the legislative branch under the U.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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This file of FIN Week 2 Assignments From Readings consists of: Chapter 5: Problem a. If Sharon were risk-indifferent, which investments would she select.

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Fin 419 assignments from the readings
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