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They need to use symbolic things to make others understand for example books, pictures and diagrams. It could range from chest physio to promoting blood circulation a lot of clients spend a lot of time either in bed or sitting so pressure ulcer control is a major issue so we have to encourage and help the clients with their mobility.

People with epilepsy find difficulties to cooperate and understand with social and employ mental forces. The clients who live her now are the ones who will need extra care to live in the community or will never be able to live in the community and always require a medical model of care.

They may also live in community housing where they would live in a social model of care. When there is any disruption in passing the signals then it leads to seizures, because of these seizures consciousness of body and mind is affected.

They cannot find things on their own places, they start to forget about them. Evaluation The aim of my assignment was to get a better understanding of the support needed by a person with ID and what facilities are in place to provide that support.

Being able to choose ones own clothes for example or having the choice of what food to eat. So it takes longer time for them to be able to communicate with others. People with ID should be encouraged to build relationships.

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This can be determined by finding out what the individuals needs are and giving them the training to be able to live independently.

People with epilepsy should be encouraged to go to school and work. Low birth weight Lower legs turned inward and there is a cross at the ankles like a scissors.

Dignity for people with learning disabilities often involves what other people may take for granted. This means helping a client do what they can do for themselves in their every day life. One such place is Sunbeam House Services which provide care for people with all levels of disability with its main ethos being to provide people with the necessary skills to live full and satisfying lives as equal citizens of their local communities.

Contributing — Having the ability to make a contribution to society is an important element in building self — esteem and self — confidence.

Hi Mary exactly what is your role here in Drumcar? Being able to have network of friends for support is very important.

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What type of treatments would you perform on a typical day? Mutation of genes that help in our brain development. Changes in breathing patterns, blue colour face and lips and pendulous face on one side.

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality. Support needs of the person with epilepsy: It should not be assumed that people with ID can not make a contribution to society, they should be given the same opportunities as everybody else.

We have a music teacher who comes in twice a week we also have swimming pool that the clients can use. For some people with minor disabilities staying at home or going to a day centre for some training or learning new skills could prove to be enough. There are many ways to promote dignity but here a just a few; Always address the individual about their care and not their family ie talking to the mother instead of the client.There is a lot of discussion of how disability is described.

The literal meaning of disability is "difficulty with ability". This implies some form of mental or physical impairment that can manifest problems with mobility or awareness. Intellectual disability Intellectual disability, also known as mental retardation, is a term used when there are limits to a person’s ability to learn at.

INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES – MENTAL RETARDATION Intellectual disability is a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior, which covers.

Introduction to Intellectual Disability For the purposes of this assignment, I interviewed Mr. Eduardo Villalobos, a special education teacher and Mr.

Agustin Luna, a regular education instructor. Both of these teachers are co-workers of mine at. Intellectual disability is a disability in terms of intellectual functions and adaptive behaviour. This is a consequence of physical and mental unfitness. Intellectual disability is a lack of conceptual skills, social and practical skills.

Intellectual disability is a disability characterized by significant limitations in both intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social and practical adaptive skills before the age of eighteen (Luckasson et al., p.1).

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