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Is prejudice just a code word covering for some larger human failing and tendency towards suspicion and isolation? Lennie Small, by far the better worker of the two, suffers not only from limited intelligence but also from an overwhelming desire to caress soft objects. Who has power and why?

Of Mice and Men feels like an allegorywith each character possessing a specific trait that represents something or some group in society. Although they bunk together and play an occasional game of cards or horseshoes, each is wary of his peers.

Do the events of the story only apply to this particular place and time, or can the novel be thought of as universally applying to humans everywhere? The setting here is very specific. So, is the book just a heavy-handed lecture about how nasty people are to each other.

She is a woman who, despite her own dreams of grandeur, finds herself living on a ranch where she is perceived as a threat and an enemy by all the hired hands.

For this reason, he begins each chapter with a compendium of details that allows readers to envision the scenes much as they might were they watching a staged presentation. Why do the two have to die? Does any character escape prejudice?

To underscore the situation, Steinbeck adopts restricted third-person narration and employs a tone that can best be described as uninvolved. It represents, as the ensuing dialogue makes clear, a safe haven—a place where both humans and beasts can retreat should danger threaten. This setting provides author John Steinbeck with a context against which to portray the ranch to which George and Lennie travel the next day.

Once he has outlined the surroundings, however, he steps away and relies on dialogue to carry the main thread of the story.

How are the notions of power and shifts in power important here? Is it fair to draw a comparison between these two events? These traits, combined with his uncontrollable strength, set the stage for disaster. Significantly, Steinbeck begins and ends the novel at the campsite.

Of Mice and Men

It is lush and green and inhabited by all varieties of wild creatures. What is Steinbeck saying about dreams?

Of Mice and Men Critical Essays

The ranch, as he describes it, is a world without love and in which friendship is viewed as remarkable. When the reader first encounters Lennie and George, they are setting up camp in an idyllic grove near the Gabilan mountains.

Instead, he will be reduced to the status of a lonely drifter, seeking earthly pleasures to alleviate the moral isolation and helplessness that Steinbeck suggests is part of the human condition. Steinbeck frames the desolation of ranch life by having George and Lennie comment on how different their lives are and having the other ranch hands comment on how unusual it is for two men to travel together.

Of Mice and Men Short Essay - Answer Key

Are all of these wrongs racism, sexism, discrimination treated as equally evil? Does George have the right to kill Lennie?Possible questions on “of mice and men” essay.

The essay is all about two immigrant’s men traveling to seek employment. In their journey, their bus dropped them some distance away from the distance forcing them to foot.

Instead, he named if Of Mice and Men. Which title do you think is more appropriate to the novel as a whole? Explain your answer. 2. In tragedies, the central character comes to a realization about his life or an understanding of life in general as a result of his suffering.

Is this true of Of Mice and Men? Explain. 3. feeling?

In your answer you should refer to at least two people to whom you think the statement applies. 8. Why do you think that Slim is held in such high esteem by the other characters?

9. Slim is clearly a very important character on the ranch. How important is the part he plays in the novel, in your opinion? Of Mice and Men feels like an allegory, with each character possessing a specific trait that represents something or some group in society.

So, is the book just a heavy-handed lecture about how nasty people are to each other. Of Mice and Men Homework Help Questions In the end, why don't George and Candy still buy the ranch after Lennie is gone in Of Mice and.

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Essay questions and answers for of mice and men
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