Ein business plan zum verlieben trailer axles

If possible, source and fit new bolts with zerk fittings grease nipples to allow lubrication of the moving parts. Fit new spring and shackle bolts Loosely tighten the U bolts on both sides of the axle until you are sure the spring holes in both the spring plate and new spring perch line up and are centralized.

Use a trolley jack to raise the wheels slightly off the ramp Remove the wheels and support the axles at either end with additional jack stands. Remove the U Bolts to allow the spring to swing free from the axle With the axle free from the trailer, measure the position of the existing spring perch and position the new spring perch over the top of the axle.

Remove the shackle plate bolts Once the shackle plates are removed, loosen and remove the axle U bolts and let the spring hang free. Tighten up the U bolts evenly going around the nuts equally to prevent any excess tension placed on any one side, then torque the nuts up to the manufacturers recommended setting.

Using a trolley jack, raise the axle off the jack stands and lower it gently to the ground. Any welding current passing through the wheel bearings will damage them and cause premature failure. Mark and label each spring before removal, so that it can be fitted back into its original position if you are replacing the spring bushings.

A Word On Safety Safety is paramount when working under your trailer and no shortcuts should be taken. Support the axle at each end with jack stands Working on one axle at a time, remove the shackle plate nuts, and tap the bolt and shackle plates off the equalizer and spring.

The third type is a leaf spring axle, which has a simple design, yet has similar durability and performance to the torsion axle. They are suitable for trailers carrying light loads, and they often require maintenance as the rubber deteriorates.

Chock the trailer wheels securely before unhitching or crawling under the trailer. At the bare minimum, new U bolts and spring plates should be used.

Never use the trailer leveling jacks as the primary source of support. The brake wiring will normally need to be lengthened to allow for the height difference once the modifications are complete. Always use jack stands in conjunction with the leveling jacks. Label the wires and disconnect or cut them, being sure to allow plenty of wire length for stripping and fitting crimp connectors.

Get someone to guide you while you tow the trailer up the ramp. Trailer axle kits are available in several styles, and the type you need depends on the design of the trailer, and your load requirements. When the trailer is fully supported, remove the makeshift ramps — you may need to use the trolley jack to raise the wheels slightly off the ramp.

If this is the case, they may require a bit of force to knock them out of position. Do not use the trolley jack to lift the axle tubes, they can be easily damaged. Clamp the new perch in position and double-check all measurements match the existing perch.

Square the new perch so that it is perfectly parallel to the original. Torsion axles have a compact design with a flexible rubber cartridge for absorbing bumps.

Axles & Suspension

Double check all spring hanger, shackle and equalizer bolts are torqued up to the correct setting and everything is looking as it should. Patience and perseverance will always win in the end, just be sure not to get frustrated and end up damaging the end of the bolt to the point where some serious cutting and grinding will need to be done to remove the bolts!

All work should be undertaken with the trailer fully supported by rated stands on solid ground with suitable hardwood chocks and cribbing to help spread and support the weight of the jacks and trailer.

Trailer Hub About Trailer Axles You are loaded up when you hear a "clunk," causing your trailer to drag. Once the axle has been removed, measure the position of existing spring perch Check around the spring and equalizer hangers for any wear, damage, cracks or faulty welding.

Now is a good time to fit the new spring bushings, equalizer and shackle plates and bolts if required. Bad news — it looks as if you have a broken trailer axle to replace.

Axles - Spring

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About 57% of these are truck trailer, 16% are trailer parts, and 1% are auto rear axles. A wide variety of trailer axle options are available to you, such as trailer axles, trailer suspension, and trailer plugs.

Ein business plan zum verlieben trailer axles
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