Comparison between spanish and british methods

Their policy towards the indigenous peoples was lenient as well. There were various reasons why the American Colonies were established. The Territory for them was a defensive position. In contrast, the English colonies remained much more Caucasian.

What is the difference between a colon and a semicolon? While Cortes encountered an indigenous population of roughly ten million in Mexico, the English found a native empire consisting only of fourteen thousand.

Spanish also took over their resources such as corns and spices by force. The rectum is the portion of the colon sigmoid that end up on the anus. While both disagreed on many issues, the Church served to justify the actions of the state.

Spanish exploration and colonization was dictated and funded solely by the state. A few of those are the European diseases and the language as well as the native population that inhabited America, even though at that moment there was a small number of natives the British tried to colonize.

The role of religion and the Church in colonial North and South America played key roles in the development of colonial society. In Comparison between spanish and british methods ways, their model community very much resembled medieval village in settlement pattern, ties of religious obligation, and especially effort to regulate individual social and economic behavior.

Settlers received water for irrigation in proportion to their acreage which was in proportion to rank. The colonization of the French did not go as well, due to oppresive slavery, bad equipment, and low immigration numbers to the Territory.

Finally I consider the Spanish were incredibly cruel in their colonization method. I believe that it was a more civilized way of having the natives calmed, and clearly the correct way. Food is another lasting effect.

What Were the Differences Between British and Spanish Colonization of America?

So rather than a centrally directed imperial strategy like Spain, the English enjoyed the creation of a number of differing colonial societies, sharing the fundamental features of representative assemblies and a plurality of faiths.

This Spanish model was not successful as the capitalistic approach adopted by the British. In opposition, the lack of conversion efforts by a Church authority and central religion in the English colonies served to marginalize indigenous peoples from colonial society.

At first, they just wanted to be friends with the Indians but Indians kind of trying to defend their territory from the British because Spanish did really violent to Indians.

The Indians never known dieses until the Spanish brought it. Upon arrival to the Americas, the Spanish encountered large groups of indigenous peoples.

At the same time when the Spanish crown was dominating the colonization of South America, the English in North America were colonizing under a loose set of imperial restrictions. While the English held the advantage of being able to take Spain first as a model, and then as a warning [i]the Spanish conquistadores did not bear the luxury.

Is well known that one of the most powerful purposes of Spanish was to take maximum advantage of the resources of America, especially the gold, in order to return to Spain and become a wealthy kingdom.

What are colons?

Faced with sparser indigenous populations that could not be mobilized as a labor force, the English adopted an exclusionary approach to the natives.

In the other hand, British colonization of America began in the late 16th century. Hernan Cortes successfully landed on the Caribbean coast of what is modern day Mexico in and as Elliot points out laid the foundation of Spanish Empire in South America.Comparison of the Spanish and British methods of Colonization Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report This is the comparison of the Spanish and British methods.

Free essay on Comparison of Spanish and British Colonization available totally free at, the largest free essay community. Compare the Spanish and the British methods of colonization Essay Sample Compare the Spanish and the British methods of colonization.

Compare the Spanish and the British methods of colonization Essay Sample

The British had colonization all over the world and the most abundant were Americas. Comparison between Spanish and British methods of colonization Making a comparison between the Spanish and British methods of colonization can be useful to comprehend all the motives our ancestors had to impose its civilization in America and also to understand all the consequences of all this events that at the present time can.

English, French, and Spanish Colonies: A Comparison to govern themselves as long as they followed English law and were loyal to the king. In addition, unlike France and Spain, England encouraged immigration Spanish would retain national characteristics that linger to this day.

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British and Spanish colonization of America differed in terms of their approach and backing, as well as in their religious and social standing.

Spanish explorers were authorized by their monarchy to conquer new territory for the Spanish empire in order to increase trade and spread Catholicism.

Comparison between spanish and british methods
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