Church discipline as an exercise on

Holiness Dictates HOW We Exercise Church Discipline

Remember the consequences listed above. A district president or synodical president is always 3 years away from another election.

They meet with the individual, confronting the person about the sin at issue. The reason is very simple. First, it deals with believers who are part of a local church family.

The ultimate chastening for the sinning believer is physical death. Discipline involves the local church. Cautions If you see the offense or you have accurate knowledge of the sin splease note these cautions: But the contact should be for the purpose of admonishment and restoration and no other.

The Loss of Purpose: This allows Satan to have certain physical liberties with the believer. What is our responsibility when the sinning party acknowledges their wrong and claims repentance? Discipline Involves the Family of God.

In fact, it is loving. Note the seriousness of this in Matthew There are some who cause division. Breaking fellowship is not the beginning of church discipline. It is to be done in love toward the individual, in obedience to God, and in godly fear for the sake of others in the church.

Barry, and most recently with the election of Matthew Harrison.

Instruction 20: Exercise Church Discipline

Two or three witnesses are needed to establish the facts according to 1 Timothy 5: When this happens, the reason for the discipline is removed.There is also a study on church discipline in the Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible and Christianity, available from Way of Life Literature.

Pastors who refuse to lead their churches in the exercise of discipline are in open rebellion against God and are helping to create the immoral climate that exists in Western civilization today and are. Church Discipline. 2 Church Discipline as an Exercise on Mediation Church discipline is one of the hard issues for the church to handle.

It tends to disrupt relationships, create division, drain energy, and divert focus from the mission of the church. Instruction Exercise Church Discipline One of the most difficult responsibilities entrusted to elders is the exercise of church discipline. Second Timothy gives helpful guidance in this important aspect of life in the church.

The goal of church discipline, then, is not to throw people out of the church or to feed the self-righteous pride of those who administer the discipline.

It is not to embarrass people or to exercise authority and power in some unbiblical manner. So, my pastor friend, though you may have once thought that the idea of church discipline is ridiculous, I pray that God will help you to lead your congregation to see that it is a loving, provocative, attractive, distinct, respectful, gracious act of obedience and mercy, and that it helps to build a church.

A church shouldn’t exercise discipline for things like pride, but only outward, visible sins. Unrepentant In every act of discipline, the goal is repentance, so a church should never excommunicate a professing Christian who professes repentance for a particular sin.

Church discipline as an exercise on
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