An introduction to the literary analysis of the anthem susan b anthony and frederick douglas

How do candles make us feel? Point out to students that many adults at the time and even today think that Anthony and Douglass were unusual partners. Then, tape a large section of paper to the floor and have students fill it with the words, phrases, artwork, and designs they have brainstormed together.

The story is intricately woven to capture the essence of life in the late s. How many stars are in the book?

Encourage students to feel comfortable listing small personal steps that will make small differences. How do you feel when you see stars? While slavery was still the law of the land, Douglass called his fellow Americans to a higher standard: Discussion of Slavery Two Friends addresses the fact of slavery as well as discrimination against women.

If not, assign two to three students to work together. Students may surprise you with their ability to handle tough topics. Much of this book is about the fact that Anthony and Douglass had the job of changing the minds of the people they spoke to.

Before discussing with your class, set expectations by explaining that slavery is a part of American history, and that all students, regardless of their ethnicity, need to know and understand this topic. As with any book geared for our youngest readers, begin with the cover. Before discussing, have students show with their bodies how they would look if they agreed or disagreed with a speaker.

The two activists share a goal: Will other students your age enjoy this book? In looking at the picture details, how many years ago did Anthony and Douglass live? While any discussion of slavery requires guidance from the teacher, engaging in this topic is dependent on classroom dynamics.

In smaller groups, have your students do what Frederick and Susan did: Use a Venn diagram and have students find at least two things only true about Anthony, two things only true about Douglass, and two things that are the same for both.

It takes knowledge and practice, especially practice recognizing a problem in the first place and talking about how that problem relates to them as a person.

Two Friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass

Take the dust jacket off the book if possible and check to see whether it matches the book. Stylized mixed-media art provides period detail, warmth, and inspiration.The Frederick Douglass–Susan B.

Anthony Memorial Bridge (informally called the Freddie-Sue Bridge and known as the Troup–Howell Bridge until July 13, ) is a triple steel arch bridge carrying Interstate (I) over the Genesee River and New York State Route (NYnamed Exchange Boulevard) in downtown Rochester, New York.

Black History Heroes: Frederick Douglass on Life and Liberty

Friends Susan B. Anthony. Frederick Douglass inspire new Geva play, 'The Agitators' Geva stages playwright Mat Smart's brainchild imagined from historical giants.

Frederick Douglass–Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge

Check out this story on. The Frederick Douglass Susan B.

Two Friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Teaching Guide

Anthony Memorial Bridge carries Interstate over the Genesee River in downtown Rochester. Since its completion in July, this "three arch bridge" has captured the interest of photographers and civil engineering enthusiasts for its.

The Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Non- discrimination Act heard today by this Committee will help prevent race and sex discrimination against the unborn by prohibiting any. Frederick Douglass vs. Susan B. Anthony. No description by Sky Carpenter on 12 December Tweet.

Comments In this essay I will explain the similarities and differences between Frederick Douglass and Susan B.

Anthony Frederick Douglass Black male born as a slave I. Introduction a. In the s, feminism and abolitionism went hand in. Start studying Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass test. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

An introduction to the literary analysis of the anthem susan b anthony and frederick douglas
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