An analysis of the puritan society in the scarlet letter a novel by nathaniel hawthorne

The irony, of course, is in the difference between public knowledge and private actions.

The Scarlet Letter; A Criticism of Puritan Beliefs

The rosebush is mentioned twice within the course of the story. Throughout the novel, one can see criticism toward the hypocritical, intolerant, and judgemental characteristics of the Puritan religion. This represents the constant state Dimmesdale finds himself in.

As to enmity, or ill-feeling of any kind, personal or political, he utterly disclaims such motives". The irony of public appearance and private knowledge are themes throughout this story.

Forman was charged with trying to poison his adulterous wife and her lover. For puritans, children were born into the sins of their parents and Pearl, born out of an act of sin was the perfect example.

The Scarlet Letter - Puritan Society

In The Scarlet Letter, those two branches of the government are represented by Mr. Why, you can hardly walk without tripping over one commandment or another. This was a close representation of the actual society. June 14, in: His single-minded pursuit of retribution reveals him to be the most malevolent character in the novel.

He turns out to be the opposite of what puritan men should be like; headstrong. Or maybe he wrote the story to examine the skeletons of his own past, his great-great-grandfather John Hathorne having been one of three Salem judges who determined people were witches and condemned them to death.

He uses the story of The Scarlet Letter to demonstrate to the reader how close-minded the Puritans are and how much corruption secretly plagued their religion.

Once again, for people in the stations of life which Hester and Dimmesdale hold, it would be unthinkable for them to comfort each other. She equals both her husband and her lover in her intelligence and thoughtfulness.

Yet here, in the forest, they can throw away all reluctance and finally be themselves under the umbrella of security which exists. Throw off the shackles of law and religion. Her "punishment" because adultery was illegal at the time is to stand on the scaffold for three hours, exposed to public humiliation, and to wear the scarlet "A" for the rest of her life.

He died ina few years after returning to America. Wearing the letter "A" on her clothes, Hester Prynne must display the "scarlet letter" whenever she is in public.

The murderers blow tells us nothing of his character; but in his remorse or exultation over his deed his secret is revealed to us. Without Hester being put in this negative light, The Scarlet Letter would carry little historical significance.

Puritans and The Scarlet Letter - HAWTHORNE and THE SCARLET LETTER

His universality and his dramatic flair have ensured his place in the literary canon. He also shares a concern for their disdain toward his need to take on a commercial job that contributes little to the community in spiritual profit.

He sees them, like the old General he describes, as people of perseverance, integrity, inner strength, and moral courage. What can thy silence do for him, except to tempt him — yea, compel him, as it were — to add hypocrisy to sin? However, as time progresses, the meaning of the letter changed.

Religious fundamentalism characterized, and sometimes terrorized, Puritan society. Salem, a Massachusetts town which was home to the infamous witch trials of the 17th century, was also home to Nathaniel Hawthorne when he wrote The Scarlet Letter.Throughout the infamous novel The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author, illuminates relationships between individuals and a society.

The majority of Hawthorne’s work takes America’s Puritan past as its subject, but The Scarlet Letter uses the material to greatest effect. The Puritans were a group of religious reformers who arrived in Massachusetts in the s under the leadership of John Winthrop (whose death is recounted in the novel).

The Scarlet Letter was the first, and the tendency of criticism is to pronounce it the most impressive, also, of these ampler productions.

It has the charm of. To review, The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a dark romantic story about a woman and her minister who had an affair and are punished by the Puritan society as a result. Along.

The Scarlet Letter; A Criticism of Puritan Beliefs Posted By: Jane Richardson Posted date: June 14, in: Book Reviews No Comments Nathaniel Hawthorne’s representation of the Puritan’s strict religious ways in his novel, The Scarlet Letter, was not just a mere observation but rather a criticism of their beliefs.

The Puritan Community in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Words | 3 Pages. The Puritan Community in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne The Scarlet Letter, a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorn takes place in Boston of of Puritan community.

It shows a dark, gray, violently moral society found as a kind of Puritan .

An analysis of the puritan society in the scarlet letter a novel by nathaniel hawthorne
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