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Unlike present Mennonites, the Amish people continue to lead a plain life, use a plain dress style, and avoid using most kinds of technology.

Young people are taught to honor the elder ones and each other. In general, the Amish society is a large group of people related by the bloodline. The methods and techniques of livestock maintenance and crop harvesting that they possess are still simplistic.

In some way, such high rate is determined by using any kind of birth control prohibition and leading a healthy lifestyle. The gender roles in the Amish society also follow old tradition rules.

The women of the Amish subculture are expected to be submissive, and they also have certain defined roles that they carry out for the smooth running of the society. Their simplistic choice of clothing also ensures that they do heat much given that they spend so much time on farms.

This has significantly helped them fit into their current environment. Today, such level of patriarchal type is rather unique, because women do not have the same rights and benefits as men in all communities.

Using electricity is considered to be a direct issue leading to temptation, and therefore, it is the main reason for refusing to use electricity. This implies that their main nutrition source is carbohydrates, although they also enjoy fatty foods as well as those that are protein-rich.

Most people need to be the valuable part of the some particular social system.

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Order essay writing service from our specialists Get a Price Quote. Today, everything the Amish people possess is different from the modern world in general. Nevertheless, one can name several differences between them as well.

As aforesaid, the Amish lifestyle is completely different from that of an average modern American person. Moreover, every person needs to possess some private space and personal secrets, and, therefore, being constantly in the public eye may cause some psychological stress.

They have adopted a kind of German dialect that is referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch. Almost all relationships between the Amish people rest on the basic principles of Amish essay conclusion respect. Of course, all people are different in their mental state, and some exceptions may happen.

Talking about the main system of beliefs in this particular culture, one can name several basic issues that include leading a sinless life, being baptized in the adulthood, believing in Trinity, and believing in life after death.

They also have certain adaptations with regards to agricultural lifestyle. Sickness and Specific Approaches to Healing Since the Amish society is of a completely religious type, it is obvious that the Amish people have a complex opinion about the official medicine.

Living in a closed society, where all mates are relatives to each other in some degree has both positive and negative sides. Today, these two groups differ in basic lifestyle rules.

According to the results of some researches, the Amish people are far healthier than the rest of the American habitants. Living in non-individual community type has both positive and negative sides. However, marriages between second cousins also take place in various Amish communities.

Remaining today, the Amish people try to maintain relations mostly with the members of their group. Currently, one can list two groups of the Amish referring to following basic rules: Farming is meant not only for feeding own family members, but also for making some profit with selling goods on farmers markets.

The average Amish family has not less than five children in it Rowthorn, At the same time, everything from aforesaid list has nothing to do with the Amish people Hairston et al. In many ways, such culture organization is a good one, because every Amish person is always sure that the whole community will do everything to help solve his or her problem once it appears.

The vast majority of the body surface must be covered with clothes; arms, legs, and hair should be under cover as well. Therefore, participation in markets makes them not completely closed from the outside world.

Divorce, which is a common occurrence in the western world, is not tolerated under any circumstances. One of the most profoundly distant subcultures that is found in America are the Amish.

Every new device is examined and analyzed carefully by the whole commune to be sure that this item would not cause any conflict situations or tension between family members or community mates.

With such a mindset, the Amish people do not need any help from the government or any kind of insurance in cases of injuries or accidents. They also raise livestock, including cows, bulls, hogs and chicken, and this implies that their nutritional diet is largely balanced.

In school, however, their children are mainly taught English, and this is the language that is most often used. Universal features for both orders are plain dressing, home worshipping and speaking common Pennsylvania German dialect language.Essay writing 45; EssayShark News ; Lab report it is a melting pot.

However, one community called the Amish keeps a safe distance from technology since it is their conviction that it weakens the family structure. First of all, you can examine the Amish research paper sample provided above by authors absolutely for free.

Conclusion. The Amish culture is a great example of leading life by the exclusive rules opposite to those from the whole world.

Specific system of values and beliefs dictates the type of behavior in every aspect of the Amish life and determines lives of whole generations. Order essay writing service from our specialists.

Get a Price Quote. Amish Essay Examples. 10 total results. A Research on the Culture and Religious Beliefs of Amish. words. 1 page. The Strength of the Amish in Maintaining Their Identity.

words. A Comparison of the Inuit and the Amish on Cultural Diversity or Cultural Destruction. 1, words. 4 pages. This essay will attempt to describe the Amish culture from a functionalist point of view. Before describing the Amish, functionalism must be defined to establish a better understanding of what functionalism is and how it works within the Amish culture.



Cultural Aspects Of The Amish Society. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: 2nd May, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

You can view samples of our professional work here. Essay on The Amish - In the mid the seventeenth century, the Amish movement was founded in Europe at the time of the Protestant Reformation.

In conclusion, there is peace and unity of the Amish members. I am sure there are dilemmas and uprisings, however everything is kept tight and has its solution. The Amish religion consists of .

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