Aftershock wealth and reich

Most gains have gone to the top. As politicians from both parties grew dependent on the Street for campaign funding, the rush to deregulate turned into a stampede. Since the s, the wages and economic prospects of the typical American have gone nowhere.

The labor participation rate percent of prime working age work who actually have jobs has been stuck at Anyone who wants to know how we got into such a mess inandshould read this book, then think for themselves — long and hard — about where we go next. So what can you do? Senate deliberation over him is a charade.

Prof Reich also suggests a number of measures to address inequality. Millions lost their jobs, savings, pensions, and homes, but the bankers and big investors came out richer than before.

It began in when Congress and the Reagan administration deregulated savings and loan banks — allowing them to engage in risky commercial lending, while continuing to guarantee them against major losses. Big money has become too powerful on both sides of the aisle.

Kavanaugh helped devise the strategy to impeach Bill Clinton, and went on to help George W. Bush wage war in Iraq. The person must also be chosen impeccably, so that the public trusts he or she will fairly and impartially interpret the Constitution.

There can be no prognosis or prescription without diagnosis, and the diagnosis in this book is spot-on. Again, more profits for business, more cost and risk for the rest of us. Sad to say, ten years after the near meltdown of Wall Street we seem to have learned very little.

In the decades leading up tostagnant wages caused many Americans to go deep into debt — using the rising values of their homes as collateral. The same imbalance has been growing again.

Tragically, Brett Kavanaugh will further divide us. Under Reagan, the recovery averaged 4. Trump has been using it to conjure up racist and xenophobic conspiracies and to create the most authoritarian regime in modern American history.

Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future

The first part is all about how the hell we got here, from before the Great Depression to the current day. Let us count the ways. All of which is especially damaging to the Supreme Court and to the nation at this intensely fractious point in history.

And it creates a self-perpetuating aristocracy that is antithetical to democracy. But in a way that is not the point of Aftershock. Together, we can do so again.The Growing Danger of Dynastic Wealth Saturday, September 16, White House National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, former president of Goldman Sachs, said recently that “only morons pay the estate tax.”.

The last time in American history when wealth was so highly concentrated at the top—indeed, when the top 1 percent of the population was paid 23 percent of the nation’s income—was injust before the Great Depression.

This is from Robert Reich’s book Aftershock. It is a very good summary of what happened in Except that it /5(). Updated for paperback publication, Aftershock is a brilliant reading of the causes of our current economic crisis, with a plan for dealing with its challenging aftermath.

When the nation's economy foundered inblame was directed almost universally at Wall Street bankers. But Robert B. Reich, one of our most experienced and trusted voices on 4/5(13). Buy Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future: Read Books Reviews - From The Community Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future Kindle Edition This is from Robert Reich’s book Aftershock.

It is a very good summary of what happened in /5(). Aftershock – Page 1 AFTERSHOCK The Next Economy and America’s Future Author: Robert B. Reich Dr. Reich is cofounder of The income and wealth at the top rather than being spread across the American middle class.

Specifically, in. Aftershock(Inequality for All--Movie Tie-in Edition) by Robert B. Reich Updated and With a New Introduction When the nation’s economy foundered inblame was directed almost universally at Wall Street bankers/5().

Aftershock wealth and reich
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